Friday, May 26, 2006

Ottawa Press Gallery

Walter Lippmann, the 20th-century American columnist, wrote, "A free press is not a privilege, but an organic necessity in a great society." Indeed, as society has grown increasingly complex, people rely more and more on newspapers, radio, and television to keep abreast with world news, opinion, and political ideas. One sign of the importance of a free press is that when antidemocratic forces take over a country, their first act is often to muzzle the press.

Mr. Harper what the heck are you trying to do ? Just answer the darn questions. The people have a right to stay informed it is our journalists that do this.

You are not above the poeple , you are not above the press, you are not a king, your are an elected Prime Minister, elected by the people of Canada. The press of Canada and the people of Canada have the right to have their questions answered. NOT JUST THE QUESTIONS YOU WANT TO ANSWER, BUT THE QUESTIONS WE WANT ANSWERED.