Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tired of broken promises ? I am

Harper and Falherty stated a promise during the election Campaign, (just a short ten months ago) , and now have broken that promise. This one is pretty serious it affects 1 in every 6 Canadians.

This broken promise has cost Canadian Investors more than 25 billion $ so far. Yes I'm talking about the promise of not taxing income trusts. ''A Conservative government will ... preserve income trusts by not imposing any new taxes on them,'' the Conservative election platform stated.

It is one thing to break a promise on saying you would build a building or pave a road and just not getting aound to it. It is something else entirely to promise to preserve an investment vehicule and then completely reverse your promise .

Many seniors and other canadian savers took the conservatives at their word and made significant investments decisions based on this promise, the result for many is a significant hit to their RRSPs and savings, in many cases as much as a 20 % loss.

Said in another way if your RRSP was worth 300,000 the next day it was likely worth only 240,000.

Your Mom, your Dad, you , your brothers and sisters may very well have been impacted by this broken promise.

It is time to take action on politians that don't keep promises, especially those that don't respect our hard earned savings.

Sign the petition at

After all whats next ? maybe they will just cancel RRSP's or introduce a new tax on houses that no longer have a mortgage.

Or just add new caharge to your double double , after all I bet Starbucks is lobbing the gov now, with reasons why it is unfair for a large Tims to be 1.40 and the same at Starbucks is 2.50

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