Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Run Emerson Run !

The voters of Vancouver Kingsway await with baited breath for Mr. Emerson to put his money (or at least not the liberals this time) where his mouth is and try to get elected in a by-election in the riding.

If he thinks he can win as a Conservative don't bother telling me you can do it. Just do It.
As a matter a fact let him run as an independent, a liberal or and NDP and see if he will win.
I think right now if the conservatives wanted to win the riding, their best bet is to fire Emerson and have him run in the riding for the NDP.
I'm not sure what the riding would do then. They couldn't vote NDP (as that would mean they would have to vote for Emerson), they would be pretty hesitent about voting liberal (after all look what happened last time they elected a liberal), I don't think they would like the conservative option much either. (they would have to drop in a star candidate like Michael Buble and make him sing for his votes to even have a chance )

Monday, February 27, 2006

When is a lie a lie.

Mr. Harper And The Conservative Party in their Stand Up For Canada Doc:

Said "Ensure fairness in party nomination races Questions have been raised about the nomination process in all parties. Liberal prime ministers have often unilaterally appointed Liberal candidates to run in ridings, leaving various ethnic and cultural groups feeling they have been discriminated against.
The plan: A Conservative government will:
• Ensure that party nomination and leadership races are conducted in a fair, transparent, and democratic manner.
• Prevent party leaders from appointing candidates without the democratic consent of local electoral district associations. "

The David Emerson case is exactly one of those 'appointed liberal Candidates ' that was dropped into the Vancouver Kingsway riding. He is then elected as a liberal and appointed a conservative minister with no input from any rding association related to Vancouver Kingsway.

I would say that the intent of the policy espoused by the party, would certainly be not to support those candidates that had been appointed in a riding association or to then reward them with a cabinet post.

Talk about "leaving various ethnic and cultural groups feeling they have been discriminated against. "

So what does conservative policy really mean? How deep do we need to read between the lines? Do we have to do this on each and every line and statement of the document to try to figure out the bends and twists that can be made to avoid breaking the specific wording?

So when is a lie a lie, how far can words and statements be stretched before they break into an outright lie.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Where does Canadian Democracy go from here.

Canadian democracy and the rights of Canadian voters is taking a real beating.
We may look back at 2006 and say that's when we should have stood up, that's when I should have done something.The David Emerson / Stephen Harper issue is a terrible example of how we are losing our Canadian democracy to a bunch of political control freaks.

David Emerson may be a great cabinet minister, he may end up being a good MP that represents his riding well, but for me that is not the point. The point is that our democracy allows a riding to elect a Liberal, and then 10 -14 days later end up with a Conservative.The problem is our democracy pretty much allows anything. A MP can switch parties, not based on not agreeing on policies , but just on any whim and his electorate can then be stuck with the issue for 4 years.

We don't get to upset because we have seen it before so no big deal right ? Wrong this is a fundamental disrespect and the decay of our democratic process. Maybe its just a matter of scale before we realize the issues behind this treachery.

Think about it, what if it wasn't just David Emerson, what if it was a mass switch. What if right after the election, the Bloc said, well we didn't get where we wanted to in this last election so its time to give up on the separation issue, and they decided to fold into the liberal party.That would change the party just elected by the Canadian electorate , it would give the liberals 154 seat versus124 for the conservatives.

Is this the way we want our democracy to run ? Do we want to allow parties and MPs to change our votes and election results according to what they want. I don't.

Lets get back to the basics.I want a Canada where I can vote for something I believe in and for some one who represents policies that I believe in. I then want them to go to Ottawa and take those ideas with them, I want them to fight for those ideas and policies. I don't want them to switch sides and betray my beliefs, I don't want them to just follow a leader and what he/she believes. I don't want them to follow the party line just because its good for the party.
If they want to change their beliefs then they owe me and explanation and a right to vote on that new belief as they are no longer an individual when in public office, they are my representative in Government.

We need a change, do your part by signing either of the two petitions and make your voices heard.
Tell Harper to Reverse this: http://www.petitiononline.com/PSH/petition.html
Recall Emerson: http://www.petitiononline.com/RDE/petition.html

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

P.M. pulls a Dick Cheney, Gets the wrong guy.

Prime Minister Harper you got the wrong guy. Only two weeks into government William Stairs, the PM's communications director, is replaced.
With the press and protest not disipating over the David Emerson and Michael Fortier appointments, someone had to go, but Mr. Harper got the wrong guy.
Some poor guy just trying to do his job gets fired , while the protect David Emerson from facing his voters effort continues. Come on David and Stephen, your refusal to let David Emerson face the voters or resign has now cost someone their job.
If you have any dignity left resign before other innocents lose their jobs or carreers due to your stubborn refusal to give Canadian voters their democratic rights.
Who do you lose next, how many first time conservative voters are now gone, how many Conservative party members is enough ?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Liberals won't support Conservatives

Great. Thanks Bill

Now we just need to get the rest of the opposition parties in the same place and maybe we could get good government.

One issue coming up shortly will be childcare. The conservative approach is to give parents 1200.00 for every child under 6 yrs of age.

I think the idea of 1200.00 to be spent what ever way the parent wants , has nothing to do with childcare. I don't see how this provides any improvement in childcare, childcare spaces or any building of enhanced childcare.. It is simply a tax rebate to people who have kids and not a logical one at that.
If someone is earning 200,000 a year why do they need 1200.00 bucks for their childs childcare. If a person is making 18,000 a year working at walmart then 1200.00 doesn't help them find affordable childcare. We want everyone to work and contribute as a citizen of our society, we need the people that work in restaurants, bars, retail stores etc. , they need childcare to. How does this create afforable childcare ?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Humpty Dumpty

All the King Harpers Horses (horses somethings) and all the kings men (Peter Mackay, etc.) couldn't put democracy back together again.

David Emerson and Micheal Fortier need to resign their non elected cabinet posts and Micheal Fortier need to resign from the senate. If they won't resign then for the sake of democracy in Canada then Stephen Harper has to go.

A new petition has been started to this end. It can be signed at http://www.PetitionOnline.com/PSH/petition.html

Monday, February 13, 2006


I have got to say I can't believe us Canadians just accepting this crap.
Harper promised a better democracy.
Now we get told accept the placing of David Emerson and Michael Fortier in the cabinet because its good for us.
Well lets not bother having a federal election next time. It will probably be good for us.
Why bother getting ourselves all in a tizzy, knocking on doors for candidates of parties that will just switch parties and the policies that we support.
Why don't we just get the current party leaders to pick the best guy they feel for each riding and save us all the time and money.
That is what's being done and it must be good for us right. Better yet why don't we we just get the Queen to govern us directly and forget all this baloney about elected parliments and senates and such. After all She's a very nice lady and she probably would know what's good for us right. IT'S ABOUT DEMOCRACY FOR CANADIANS. Thats why.

Recall Petition Now 15000 +

The voters seem to be telling David Emerson that he should be on Donald Trumps Show," The Apprentice"!
Maybe that way he and Stephen Harper would get the message.
These guys are paid by you and I, the taxpayers, and they are well paid.
David Emerson would have had a salary as an elected Liberal of 141,000 a year. By doing the party switch he moves to a cabinet position and gets an instant salary increase of 67,600 for a total of 208,600 per year + a bunch of perks. Who gave him that raise ? Stephen Harper, by appointing him to the cabinet.
Whose money is Stephen Harper using to pay him ? Yours and mine , yes, we taxpayers are paying for this deceit and treachery. How do we stop this farce ? We tell our friends to sign the petition, we write notes to newspapers and our MPs, and we tell them we are not going to take this crap anymore, not from David Emerson and not from Stephen Harper.
The petition is easy to find you can just go to GOOGLE and search for recall David Emerson . Or click the link at the side of this page.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Recall David Emerson

It's time to end this. From One group of corrupted politians in Quebec with the sponsorship scandal, where our elected politicians took tax payers money to finanace there own elections to a new group of corrupt politians who run on clean up and then just appoint unelected individuals to serve or then take part in addition non democratic processes.

We have David Emesron running on one set of beliefs and policys and then once elected immediate switches to a different group of policys and stands as a non elected member of the Conservative party.

Just imagine if we had a whole group of politians who decided to take this type of democratic subversive act. As an example say that the elected NDP members just decided to ignore their constituents and to cross the floor and sit with the Block , would we just live with it and say ok I guess thats it we separate the country now ?

Bring back democracy, we can't let this type of activity stand. Recall David Emerson to stand in front of his constituents to see if the people of Vancouver Kingsway still want him.

Sign the petition. Make your democracy work. http://www.PetitionOnline.com/RDE/