Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Harper total out of control

According to Fraser, the Harper government expensed $9,460 for five "upscale haircuts" for the Prime Minister leading up to the Summit to ensure he "looked his best." That's almost 2000.00 a haircut. Is this responsible management of our tax dollars ? Is this what we will expect or allow of our elected officials ? We pay these officials significant dollars fro doing this job, if they think they want a 2000.00 haircut why would they not use their earned money, like you and I do ? Would you allow your hospital CEO to get away with this ? Would you think this was appropriate for the dean of a University ? In what circumstance do you believe it is appropriate to spend your tax dollars in this way ?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something Interesting

Stephen Harper's popularity way way way down at elections meter and Liberals and Micheal Ignatieff both going up ? I guess some Canadian voters are waking up to the ethics, lying, Harper's own coalition, tax breaks for business while voters wait 5 years or so, Conservative election corruption, Conservative lobbing corruption, lying about costs of F35 fighters among other things. Voters deserve better, we deserve a government that tell us what there going to do and then does it. Not saying they will elect senators or eliminate the senate and then fill it with a bunch of buddies and guys who couldn't get elected. Voters deserve a democracy that works for them, not a bunch candidates that are only really in it for themselves and switch parties back and forth at the drop of a hat. I'm and NDP candidate but I'm dropping out to support the Liberal. I'm a Liberal but I'm dropping out to support the conservative. Just proof they are in it for themselves, certainly not in it for the Voters. Their choices leave voters stranded. No wonder we are getting poor voter turn out!!! If we want a democracy that works the parties better make it work for the voters.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Harper's Coalition

WOW!! Isn't history interesting , even recent history.
Harper who yells and screams about forming coalitions, forming coalition with separatists, and the government who gets the most votes leads, doesn't believe a bit of his own garbage.

The article link above exposed by Gille Duceppe along with accompanying signed letter from 2004, tried to do exactly what he is screaming about. Harper had a planned coalition along with the separatists (block Quebecquois) and the NDP to form a government even though he finished second place with the voters !!!

So Harper was
1. Making a coalition to form a government.
2. Making a coalition with the separatists.
3. Trying to form a coalition to form government even though his party had finished in second place.

Harper is a Power hungry, control freak who will do anything to be in power. Harper's contempt for us an our democracy includes rewriting history, hiding the truth from parliament and hiding the truth from us voters for his power hungry agenda to get a majority.

If Harper gets a majority then watch out as your pocket is picked to support big business !!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Freedom to make informed decisions

Some continuing flaws in our democracy. In our most recent parliamentary session we have had issues that damage our democracy and OUR democratic rights.

We simply need to do better.

The most fundamental part of our democracy is for voters to elect some one to represent us and our issues in our federal parliament. The list below is not by any means an all inclusive list of how our democracy could or should improve to represent us better, I'll leave that for another day.

1. We as an electorate have a right and a duty to make informed decisions on who we elect. We can not make informed decisions unless we are informed. It is the duty and responsibility of our government to publish accurate information on $ being spent, information on what we are and what we are not planning to support and to have full debate in parliament on these issues.

2. It is up to our government to encourage and promote our democracy and our democratic rights to us as the voters in our democracy. Funding of our parties and encouraging an open and democratic process in the selection of political candidates is a part of this process. Without tax payer funding for the current party or candidates , the system would be entirely dependent on political donations, this could lead to a system where only a certain group (contributors) would have a major influence on our political system.

3. Senators expenses absolutely should be public. It is ridiculous that the senate is not required to let the tax payers know how much of our money they are spending and what they are spending our money on ?? Our senate is not elected and are living on on OUR TAX dollars, definitely their expenses should be public.

4. The power of the parties and the Prime minister are a problem and take away our power as voters. We elect a local Representative to our federal parliament. Do we then expect them to sit down and shut up and just follow the leader ? ( if this is the case why bother to elect or pay them why not just elect a prime minister)

When we elect a Member of parliament from our district, we should expect them to represent their constituents. We should not expect switch party allegiance, or just vote according to the way the prime minister says.

That's all ,for now.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Contempt Eh

Does it matter ?

Yes it does!!! In reality there is only one tax payer in this country, THE PEOPLE OF CANADA.

Democracy should be about the people of the country. The current government is not treating its citizens this way, HECK it is not even treating the people we have chosen to represent us in our parliament this way.

Why the HECK would any government do this ??? Why lie about who changed a document, why hide how many dollars are being spent on prisons, why try to cheat in elections by moving money back and forth.

Well that's the real problem with our democracy its party partisanship. Our democracy is supposed to be about the people, NOT about the parties. The problem with the current Conservative government is their decisions and actions in parliament are all about them, putting the other parties down, hiding information from them, playing games = Contempt of parliament, and contempt of parliament folks is really contempt for You and I.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Democracy and corruption Continued

Ah so we get to the crux of the issue...

It's not just about politicians current and past being lobbyists. (paid influence peddlers) It's also about corrupting our democracy in the first place.

Wilipedia defines lobbing as follows "Lobbying is a concerted effort designed to effect influence, typically over government authorities and elected officials."

What better way to start your self enrichment program than to own a Prime Minister. How do you do that ?? well first you have to get some one you can corrupt or is already corrupt elected.

So it appears in our ridiculous party system democracy that's not to tough to do. You don't need to influence 15 million Canadians, no you just need to influence maybe a few hundred at a party leadership convention.

Then you make sure the party is well funded to fight an election. Then you and your KINGmakers partners can sit on the sidelines and wait for the gold to fall from the skies.

The money may fall to you and your kingmakers in various ways. First lets make sure you get plum board appointments on government crown corporations., not tough to do now that you own a Prime minister who makes these appointments. After all corporations spend money , sometimes lots of money. Oh yeah and you can act as lobbyists for companies that want to sell stuff to the government and crown corporations. (and get paid massive payola should a deal close)

Ah this is the life sit around rolling in the money, some of it not even visible to the tax man as somehow it just showed up in a brown paper bag. (dammed if i know what it was for ??)


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Politicians work for us ?????

In the past I have commented frequently on David Emerson, obviously out for himself and a privlaged life style on the backs of his constituents. Now it's time to have a look at Brian Mulroney and his group of buddies.

Have you read any of Stevie Camerons books on the topic ? It is obvious to any one who has read on the Mulroney years that he and Mila were out to get everything they could form the Canadian tax payers and when that wasn't enough he just turned to friends or the Conservative party for extra cash.

Did it matter what he may have been obliging himself to do for that money ??

The thing that bothers me the most abouthe the Mulroney issue is the way he got the laedership of the Conservative party in the first place !! A bought and paid for leadership convention by a former premier and lobbiest. How's that for democracy eh ???

We Canadian voters get to vote for the best Politicians that can be bought by business leaders or lobbiests. Then were stuck paying there salaries, and as we've seen with the David Emerson, we can't even fire them.

What ever happened to the recall concept ??? Oh and if we find someone guilt of being take, or taking money for favours lets use some of Steven Harper's tough on crime concepts and throw these guys in jail.