Saturday, December 01, 2007

Politicians work for us ?????

In the past I have commented frequently on David Emerson, obviously out for himself and a privlaged life style on the backs of his constituents. Now it's time to have a look at Brian Mulroney and his group of buddies.

Have you read any of Stevie Camerons books on the topic ? It is obvious to any one who has read on the Mulroney years that he and Mila were out to get everything they could form the Canadian tax payers and when that wasn't enough he just turned to friends or the Conservative party for extra cash.

Did it matter what he may have been obliging himself to do for that money ??

The thing that bothers me the most abouthe the Mulroney issue is the way he got the laedership of the Conservative party in the first place !! A bought and paid for leadership convention by a former premier and lobbiest. How's that for democracy eh ???

We Canadian voters get to vote for the best Politicians that can be bought by business leaders or lobbiests. Then were stuck paying there salaries, and as we've seen with the David Emerson, we can't even fire them.

What ever happened to the recall concept ??? Oh and if we find someone guilt of being take, or taking money for favours lets use some of Steven Harper's tough on crime concepts and throw these guys in jail.

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