Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Democracy and corruption Continued

Ah so we get to the crux of the issue...

It's not just about politicians current and past being lobbyists. (paid influence peddlers) It's also about corrupting our democracy in the first place.

Wilipedia defines lobbing as follows "Lobbying is a concerted effort designed to effect influence, typically over government authorities and elected officials."

What better way to start your self enrichment program than to own a Prime Minister. How do you do that ?? well first you have to get some one you can corrupt or is already corrupt elected.

So it appears in our ridiculous party system democracy that's not to tough to do. You don't need to influence 15 million Canadians, no you just need to influence maybe a few hundred at a party leadership convention.

Then you make sure the party is well funded to fight an election. Then you and your KINGmakers partners can sit on the sidelines and wait for the gold to fall from the skies.

The money may fall to you and your kingmakers in various ways. First lets make sure you get plum board appointments on government crown corporations., not tough to do now that you own a Prime minister who makes these appointments. After all corporations spend money , sometimes lots of money. Oh yeah and you can act as lobbyists for companies that want to sell stuff to the government and crown corporations. (and get paid massive payola should a deal close)

Ah this is the life sit around rolling in the money, some of it not even visible to the tax man as somehow it just showed up in a brown paper bag. (dammed if i know what it was for ??)