Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Contempt Eh

Does it matter ?

Yes it does!!! In reality there is only one tax payer in this country, THE PEOPLE OF CANADA.

Democracy should be about the people of the country. The current government is not treating its citizens this way, HECK it is not even treating the people we have chosen to represent us in our parliament this way.

Why the HECK would any government do this ??? Why lie about who changed a document, why hide how many dollars are being spent on prisons, why try to cheat in elections by moving money back and forth.

Well that's the real problem with our democracy its party partisanship. Our democracy is supposed to be about the people, NOT about the parties. The problem with the current Conservative government is their decisions and actions in parliament are all about them, putting the other parties down, hiding information from them, playing games = Contempt of parliament, and contempt of parliament folks is really contempt for You and I.

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