Thursday, February 16, 2006

Liberals won't support Conservatives

Great. Thanks Bill

Now we just need to get the rest of the opposition parties in the same place and maybe we could get good government.

One issue coming up shortly will be childcare. The conservative approach is to give parents 1200.00 for every child under 6 yrs of age.

I think the idea of 1200.00 to be spent what ever way the parent wants , has nothing to do with childcare. I don't see how this provides any improvement in childcare, childcare spaces or any building of enhanced childcare.. It is simply a tax rebate to people who have kids and not a logical one at that.
If someone is earning 200,000 a year why do they need 1200.00 bucks for their childs childcare. If a person is making 18,000 a year working at walmart then 1200.00 doesn't help them find affordable childcare. We want everyone to work and contribute as a citizen of our society, we need the people that work in restaurants, bars, retail stores etc. , they need childcare to. How does this create afforable childcare ?

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