Monday, February 13, 2006

Recall Petition Now 15000 +

The voters seem to be telling David Emerson that he should be on Donald Trumps Show," The Apprentice"!
Maybe that way he and Stephen Harper would get the message.
These guys are paid by you and I, the taxpayers, and they are well paid.
David Emerson would have had a salary as an elected Liberal of 141,000 a year. By doing the party switch he moves to a cabinet position and gets an instant salary increase of 67,600 for a total of 208,600 per year + a bunch of perks. Who gave him that raise ? Stephen Harper, by appointing him to the cabinet.
Whose money is Stephen Harper using to pay him ? Yours and mine , yes, we taxpayers are paying for this deceit and treachery. How do we stop this farce ? We tell our friends to sign the petition, we write notes to newspapers and our MPs, and we tell them we are not going to take this crap anymore, not from David Emerson and not from Stephen Harper.
The petition is easy to find you can just go to GOOGLE and search for recall David Emerson . Or click the link at the side of this page.

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