Monday, February 13, 2006


I have got to say I can't believe us Canadians just accepting this crap.
Harper promised a better democracy.
Now we get told accept the placing of David Emerson and Michael Fortier in the cabinet because its good for us.
Well lets not bother having a federal election next time. It will probably be good for us.
Why bother getting ourselves all in a tizzy, knocking on doors for candidates of parties that will just switch parties and the policies that we support.
Why don't we just get the current party leaders to pick the best guy they feel for each riding and save us all the time and money.
That is what's being done and it must be good for us right. Better yet why don't we we just get the Queen to govern us directly and forget all this baloney about elected parliments and senates and such. After all She's a very nice lady and she probably would know what's good for us right. IT'S ABOUT DEMOCRACY FOR CANADIANS. Thats why.

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