Tuesday, February 21, 2006

P.M. pulls a Dick Cheney, Gets the wrong guy.

Prime Minister Harper you got the wrong guy. Only two weeks into government William Stairs, the PM's communications director, is replaced.
With the press and protest not disipating over the David Emerson and Michael Fortier appointments, someone had to go, but Mr. Harper got the wrong guy.
Some poor guy just trying to do his job gets fired , while the protect David Emerson from facing his voters effort continues. Come on David and Stephen, your refusal to let David Emerson face the voters or resign has now cost someone their job.
If you have any dignity left resign before other innocents lose their jobs or carreers due to your stubborn refusal to give Canadian voters their democratic rights.
Who do you lose next, how many first time conservative voters are now gone, how many Conservative party members is enough ?

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