Thursday, March 24, 2011

Freedom to make informed decisions

Some continuing flaws in our democracy. In our most recent parliamentary session we have had issues that damage our democracy and OUR democratic rights.

We simply need to do better.

The most fundamental part of our democracy is for voters to elect some one to represent us and our issues in our federal parliament. The list below is not by any means an all inclusive list of how our democracy could or should improve to represent us better, I'll leave that for another day.

1. We as an electorate have a right and a duty to make informed decisions on who we elect. We can not make informed decisions unless we are informed. It is the duty and responsibility of our government to publish accurate information on $ being spent, information on what we are and what we are not planning to support and to have full debate in parliament on these issues.

2. It is up to our government to encourage and promote our democracy and our democratic rights to us as the voters in our democracy. Funding of our parties and encouraging an open and democratic process in the selection of political candidates is a part of this process. Without tax payer funding for the current party or candidates , the system would be entirely dependent on political donations, this could lead to a system where only a certain group (contributors) would have a major influence on our political system.

3. Senators expenses absolutely should be public. It is ridiculous that the senate is not required to let the tax payers know how much of our money they are spending and what they are spending our money on ?? Our senate is not elected and are living on on OUR TAX dollars, definitely their expenses should be public.

4. The power of the parties and the Prime minister are a problem and take away our power as voters. We elect a local Representative to our federal parliament. Do we then expect them to sit down and shut up and just follow the leader ? ( if this is the case why bother to elect or pay them why not just elect a prime minister)

When we elect a Member of parliament from our district, we should expect them to represent their constituents. We should not expect switch party allegiance, or just vote according to the way the prime minister says.

That's all ,for now.

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