Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something Interesting

Stephen Harper's popularity way way way down at elections meter and Liberals and Micheal Ignatieff both going up ? I guess some Canadian voters are waking up to the ethics, lying, Harper's own coalition, tax breaks for business while voters wait 5 years or so, Conservative election corruption, Conservative lobbing corruption, lying about costs of F35 fighters among other things. Voters deserve better, we deserve a government that tell us what there going to do and then does it. Not saying they will elect senators or eliminate the senate and then fill it with a bunch of buddies and guys who couldn't get elected. Voters deserve a democracy that works for them, not a bunch candidates that are only really in it for themselves and switch parties back and forth at the drop of a hat. I'm and NDP candidate but I'm dropping out to support the Liberal. I'm a Liberal but I'm dropping out to support the conservative. Just proof they are in it for themselves, certainly not in it for the Voters. Their choices leave voters stranded. No wonder we are getting poor voter turn out!!! If we want a democracy that works the parties better make it work for the voters.

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