Saturday, March 26, 2011

Harper's Coalition

WOW!! Isn't history interesting , even recent history.
Harper who yells and screams about forming coalitions, forming coalition with separatists, and the government who gets the most votes leads, doesn't believe a bit of his own garbage.

The article link above exposed by Gille Duceppe along with accompanying signed letter from 2004, tried to do exactly what he is screaming about. Harper had a planned coalition along with the separatists (block Quebecquois) and the NDP to form a government even though he finished second place with the voters !!!

So Harper was
1. Making a coalition to form a government.
2. Making a coalition with the separatists.
3. Trying to form a coalition to form government even though his party had finished in second place.

Harper is a Power hungry, control freak who will do anything to be in power. Harper's contempt for us an our democracy includes rewriting history, hiding the truth from parliament and hiding the truth from us voters for his power hungry agenda to get a majority.

If Harper gets a majority then watch out as your pocket is picked to support big business !!

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