Saturday, March 04, 2006

A funeral for Democracy, may result in a birth.

A funeral for democracy was held today In Vancouver Kingsway. Has democracy really died in Canada?
We'll it's close.

Stephen Harper, David Emerson and a bunch of Conservatives who have previously espoused the better way, the way to more democracy, proponents of allowing MPs being recalled are now jumping up and down of the chest of democracy screaming "Die sucker Die".

But, despite the grotesgue efforts of Harper, Emerson and the bunch of chicken crap MPs elected as conservatives (who are willing to say what they believe only until the PM says quiet) , In Canada and in Vancouver Kingsway, democracy is showing a spark of life.

It could actually be that very very unintentionally The Emerson and fortier issue have given democracy a stronger spark than it has had in the past 50 years, who knows maybe even since Louis Real lead the rebellion in 1885.

The people of Vancouver Kingsway are fighting for it, they're protesting, making mock funerals, running mock by-elections, signing petitions, writing letters to the editor and to the MPs.

The petition is now at over 20,000 signatures to recall Emerson.

It is wonderful to see people sticking up for their democratic rights, and the democratic rights of all Canadians at the same time.

I congratulate you, and I thank you. I want to let you know you are not alone. I will fight with you. I will write my MP, I will write letters, I will particpate in my democracy.

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