Friday, March 31, 2006

The role of Propaganda

Please remember some things take a little time before people recognize that a smiling cat with stiff hair, may actually turn out to be a nasty rat.

Look at the Bush example set. (and the example now appears to be being followed by our fearless leader)

In the Bush example, It took until the second term for the extent of the lies and the propaganda to wear off enough for people to finally recognize the cat as a rat.
THE FIRST VICTIM OF WAR IS THE TRUTH. We can all be taken advantage of by the propaganda machine. First you control the press into only reporting and talking about what you want to talk about. (sound familiar so far )
Then if you push to go to war for some reason you have to raise the ire and patriotic furvor of the general public.
You do this by say we are defending democracy( appealing to our way of life being threatened). Then Statements like "We are liberating and giving women and children freedom and a better way of life" (freeing them from rape and torture and the evils of ????), "These people only want to live like us in a free and democratic society."

Believe half of what you see and 1/4 of what you read. If you want the truth, do not block out or discount any opinions. Read from multiple sources, to be a good citizen of the world you need to look for your own truth.
Do not take some else's message as the truth. The more you hear the same story from some aligned or focused group, the more likely it is propaganda.
Propaganda is what is used in every society to make the common people go along with whatever the administration wants at any particular point in time.
Find you own truth.

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