Friday, March 03, 2006

Vancouver Still Fighting for our Democracy

Our friends in BC and Vancouver Kingsway, are continuing to fight for our democratic rights. Support them by writing letters to newspapers, write to your MP, sign petition (links at the side of this page or take part in a walk for democracy.

Here's a recent note from Vancouver:
Emerson Campaign taking the fight into the streets
Starting this Saturday at 10am and 1:30pm the Campaign to De-elect David Emerson is taking the fight into the streets. We will be rallying at the corner of Kingsway and Victoria Drive and will be including a funeral for Democracy (complete with a coffin and pall bearers). More than 138 people have signed up on-line to volunteer and support the cause since David Emerson decided to arrest his constituents for wishing to peacefully speak with him. Hundreds have requested lawn signs and the momentum continues to grow.

You can get lots of news of what's going on locally in Vancouver at their site.

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