Thursday, March 09, 2006

We care about Childcare. No Really I mean It.

So here you go families read it an weep. The 1200.00 is taxable as well, unless your a stay at home Mom. In which case you don't pay tax on it, but then you don't need childcare. (I guess it helps pay for the swiming and dance lessons for rich folks who can afford to have only 1 parent work.)

- Prepared by the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada

Stephen Harper says he'll tear up child care funding agreements with the provinces. The Conservatives would take back billions of already committed child care funding that the provinces are counting on. The provinces are responsible for child care and would have to abandon their plans to use these dollars for much-needed expansion and quality improvements, with devastating results. For example, Manitoba would have to cancel plans for 3,000 new community-based child care spaces and 200 nursery school places would no longer be feasible. Toronto would not get its planned 5,000 new subsidies to help low- and modest-income parents pay for child care and would not be able to build 58 new planned centres. Saskatchewan would have to cancel an announced wage increase for child care staff. And the plans of other provinces would meet a similar fate.No worries, the Conservatives will give families $25 a week.
The proposed allowance would be taxed back from all families except those with one parent at home, so $25 represents a maximum. This cash would not help parents find high quality child care - you can't buy what doesn't exist. Even existing child care (only enough for 15 per cent of young children) costs 10 or 20 times the $3 or $4 a day the allowance would provide. While many families do need income support, families with young children very much need and want a range of quality, affordable child care services.
An increase in public investment in high quality child care and at the same time an increase in the existing National Child Benefit would make much more sense for today's families.

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