Thursday, March 02, 2006

What's your democracy Pick One.

I talked to my daughter last night. A brilliant student,(At least I think so) currently completeing her Masters degree at University of Toronto.

We were talking about democracy and politics and such, and she said keep working on changes to the current system, but Dad we're sort of working around the edges of the issues.

Here's an example. The arguments on David Emerson gets twisted and turned around by our current system.

Case 1: You vote for the individual ? Is he the best guy to represent you in your riding ? You don't care what party he belongs to right, It shouldn't matter if he is the best guy to represent your riding.

Case 2: You vote for the party ? The party is what currently describes policy, what the party things is right and wrong, where they stand on democratis rights, gay rights, medicare rights, social policy etc etc. The stuff we read in the newspapers , hear on TV and are bombared by in an election campaign.

The current party system has huge control over their MPS (I say their MPS not your's on purpose here). They control what they can say, and can't say. In the case of David Emerson you see how quickly the Conservatives who cryed foul, blonde dipstick and other names our polititians just don't deserve to be called, instantly changed to keep their collective mouth's closed over this party switch.

So the fundenmental problem in our democracy is what ? You got me, I don't know, but i know we deserve better.

We deserve better Prime Ministers. We need Prime ministers with morals and willing to fight for the good of all canadains not just his party favorites.

We deserve better MP's, not ones that just tow the party line because an issue happens to go their way this time, who cares if you said it was wrong before .

We need MP's that stand up and run for what they believe in (espouse policys they believe, and say what they mean), and are willing to tell us why they fell the way they do.

David Emerson who is Stephen Harpers Worse enemy one day and his best friend 14 days later.

We need laws that protect voters from these corporate criminals cleverly disguised as polititians.

We need the abilty to vote for what we believe, to have those beliefs fought for by our MPS.

If we need parties at all, we need parties that are not power hungry, that don't toss around our MPS like they are so much cannon fodder, if they don't happen to believe exactly the same way as the prime minister does on an issue.

Maybe our prime ministers shouldn't be selected until after the election. Maybe the first act of parliament is to put forward a list of 10 or 12 possible MPS and then pick a prime minister. That way were not as distracted when we vote by trying to figure out if we are voting for a party or MP or a Prime Minister.

What ever we do , what we are doing now is not fair and not working. David Emerson is the example of what is not working. We deserve and need better.
I'd love to hear your ideas !!!

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